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Discover what makes Poker Tournament Supervisor the best poker timer out there:

Because there is [no small] tournament!

Whether you plan to organize home or professional poker tournaments, you’ll need a strong poker timer to bring players all the information they need at the right time.

Poker Tournament Supervisor is not just a poker timer, it’s a complete poker tournament manager solution! Powerful database, incredible customization possibilities, exporting capability, useful stats, email functionality, helpful wizards and more to discover... and all this through a user-friendly interface. [→]  Browse PTS features here
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Free 20-day trial
Once downloaded, you've got 20 days to try it. So, take your time to explore all of PTS's settings and its amazing functions:

You won't regret your download!
  • Timer Skin : Classic Blue 2

  • Timer Skin : Tablet Green

  • Poker table customization

  • Timer skin designer

  • Chip designer

  • Email customization

  • Statistics

[→]  More screenshots here

A lot of tools to customize your tournament screen.

1 - Create your own timer skin

You'd like to display a professionnal looking tournament screen which doesn't look like any other timer screens but your own:
Create your very own timer skin with the skin designer.
Select which information to display, style, color, position, etc. Use your background image and add your own logo!

2 - Design your chip set

Would you like to display your poker chips on the timer screen? The exclusive chip designer (2D / 3D) allows you to recreate your chip set:
Design, colors, inlay picture, etc.

Poker Tournament Supervisor saves data. You save time!

3 - Player profiles

Create hundred, thousand of detailed player profiles with all the necessary data you need: identity, address, contact information, photo from file or webcam, notes, etc.
Once a profile is created, the only thing you have to do to register the player for your tournaments is selecting him from the database. 
No need to enter data twice!

4 - Structure templates

Because you may use the same structures from tournament to tournament and creating a good structure can require a lot of time and be tedious, Poker Tournament Supervisor uses structure templates.
Blind schedule, payout, buy-in… once created, you'll just have to select the one you want to apply to your upcoming tournament.

Poker Tournament Supervisor makes tables management easy.

5 - 6 table management modes

Moving players, breaking tables, etc. Whether you wish to manage the table by yourself or not, our poker timer offers you a wide variety of management modes. You may opt for the automatic mode and let the software do the job or opt for the manual mode and do it by yourself by dragging and dropping players.
But you also can choose an intermediate mode: PTS makes suggestions and you take the final decision.

Because data counts!

6 - Player statistics

No need to use a calculator anymore! Our poker clock mixes data and calculates a lot of interesting statistics for you: player bankrolls, average rankings, final table percentages and more.

7 - Tournament entries

Keep a track of all your tournament entries with PTS log: registrations, buy-ins, rebuys, add-ons, eliminations, table balancing, etc.
Analyze the tournament's statistical chart to refine your blind schedule.

Keep your players informed and gain their loyalty!

8 - Bulk email system

Use the powerful bulk email system to send various messages like invitations or tournament results to all of your database players or to specific ones.

9 - Email customization

Create your own email style, add your logo, signature and poker room/club social links.
Add personal tags like [Player First Name], and [Player Last Name] to customize your message. Upon sending, they will be replaced by the appropriate data.

Get data. Share them.

10 - Import

You may already have a player list and don't want to create each player profile. Don't worry! Use the Poker Tournament Supervisor import utility and load all of your player data from a csv or xls file to the PTS database.

11 - Export

Share PTS data and statisctics: Export tournament results, player list, blind schedules, and statistical charts to html, doc, csv, xls, txt or jpeg files!

Need help?

12 - Blind schedule wizard

Poker Tournament Supervisor includes a user-friendly structure wizard. How many players? How long must the tournament last? What's the starting stack? Rebuys? Add-ons? Antes? That's the only information PTS needs to create the right blind schedule for you.

13 - Payout schedule wizard

There is no need to be a mathematician anymore to define the way the prize pool has to be shared. Tell PTS how many players are paid and PTS will propose a payout schedule.

Players don't need to see the tournament management!

14 - Manage from the first monitor...

You may wish to display the poker clock on a monitor (for example a LCD monitor) and manage the tournament from another one. It's possible! Just extend your Windows desktop to the second monitor...

...and display the timer on the second one

...and click on the [2] button in the timer navigation bar:
It's done. The tournament clock and other tournament screens are now displayed on the second monitor and automaticaly fitt to their resolution while the management window stays on the first monitor.


Poker Tournament Supervisor has been conceived to be the most comprehensive poker timer software.

Intuitive and ergonomic interface!


Poker Tournament Supervisor uses Adobe FlashTM to display the poker clock and all other timer screens.

Get the best display for any screen resolution!

Best value for money

Get a professional poker timer at the lowest price, starting at only €7.90! Can you find a better price?

You won't be short stacked!

Regular updates

Poker Tournament Supervisor is regularly updated, based on user suggestions and needs.
2.xx updates are totally free for PTS license owners.

High performance

Poker Tournament Supervisor's concept ensures a seamless and powerful tournament management.
Wether you host a ten-player tournament or one with a thousand, PTS will do the job!

Just ask for the best!


Poker Tournament Supervisor is available in 6 languages:
English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

Do you speak PTS?

Need PTS to be translated to other languages or interested in translating PTS? Tell us!

[...] interface impressed us
with its professional look

Poker Tournament Supervisor's interface impressed us with its professional look and simple navigation during setup...We were able to easily set up buy-ins, payment structure, etc.

Best timer worth getting
to know and use!

This timer is just as good as, if not better than, any timer you see in a casino. I will put this timer up against ANY casino timer out there, including the one used at the WSOP.

A great tool

We have been using Poker Tournament Supervisor while playing tournaments and I must say that this is a great tool that we can highly recommend that you try out for yourself!

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